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If you have decided to move yourself, renting a truck, van or a trailer is the most essential point in your agenda during relocation irrespective of whether you are moving to the next town, city or state. The vehicle you choose would depend largely on the quantity of goods you are about to shift. The following check list can be vital in your research for the right vehicle for self moving:

You destination is one of the most important criteria in your selection of vehicle. If you are moving in the same city, most rental agencies can meet your needs but when you are planning to relocate to the next state of another city far away, then it is likely that you are looking for a one-way ride. Though rental agencies will accommodate your request, they will charge you extra for the one-way journey. With this hiked up cost, you might feel that self-moving is not worth the hassle as you will have to pay for the return journey as well.

Know the volume of goods that you will shift, as this will give you an idea of the size of vehicle that you need to rent. While most truck rental companies will provide you with a size guide, you have to know also how much goods fit in well in what kind of capacity trucks. For instance, a 26 feet truck can accommodate a 4+ bedroom house, and a 10 feet mini van is just right for shifting a small apartment. Though most rental companies offer guidance regarding the size of the vehicle that you need to hire, remember that it is always wise to hire a larger vehicle than run out of space. Shifting your goods from a smaller to a bigger truck will unnecessarily delay your move. When Do You Need It?: Depending on the timing of your move, you may have to book a truck well in advance. Peak season starts around the end of May and runs until the end of September. If you're planning on moving during this period, call well in advance to reserve a vehicle. Remember that this will also affect pricing. Most agencies charge more during peak season. If you're having a hard time booking a truck, keep in mind that most people move at the beginning or end of a month. Mid-month moves usually are less popular, so if you're time is flexible, avoid month-ends and beginnings.

The timing of the truck rental is also important if you are self moving. The peak season for truck rentals begin at the end of May and runs till the end of September. In case your relocation also falls within this season, remember to book your truck well in advance. Remember, rush bookings also hike up the rental costs. Another important point to remember is that most people prefer to move at the beginning or end of the month. So it would save you a lot of rush and hassle if you can plan your move during the middle of any month.

Think whether you will drive the vehicle yourself or two it behind your car. Are there additional snow boats, boats, motorcycles, etc to be towed? If you hire a trailer, the cost might rise by R150 to $300, depending on the time of your relocation as well as the time duration during which you will keep the trailer. Your truck rental company can offer you solutions as to what kind of trailers you need and the best option available for you.

Probably the most important aspect when you are self moving is to assess the insurance coverage offered by the rental company, which ranges around $30 per day for everyday the truck is on the road. Check with the company whether the insurance covers large vehicles like vans and trailers as well as your towed vehicles. Checking on aspects like whether the insurance coverage includes collision, what the deductibles are and whether the coverage extends to other states and cities make good business sense. Make sure that you are completely protected before you hire a vehicle from the company.  
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