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Why do you need an auto moving company, when you can drive your car all the way to the new destination? A very good question indeed, but the truth of the matter is that hiring the services of a professional auto mover can save you time and energy required to drive your car yourself. Of course, some destinations you do not have a choice but to get the help of a professional company, like moving your vehicle overseas, etc.

Did you know that some auto shipping companies give you the option to drive away your car as well as shipping it in a truck? Of course, the former can cost you more, depending on how far your car will have to travel. Here are some basic tips to make you aware of what to look for and what to expect in your auto shipment:

One of the key components in your search for the right auto moving company is research. The more research you do, the more prepared you are for shipping your car. Remember it is wise to look at more than one company when you are thinking relocating your vehicle. This will ensure that you get the best rates as well as premium services. Start with Better Business Bureau. The information you gather about the short-listed companies would normally tell you about how the companies deal with customer complaints and grievances. If you find some company who interests you and there is a grievance recorded against them, you could specifically ask them about how the grievance and how they solved it.

Your next job is to know how the whole system works in auto shipping. Most companies give the pick up and delivery date with a 5 to 6 days gap in between. If the dates are not suitable for you, they will store the car at a convenient storage space. Before the auto mover picks up your car, they are supposed to do a full inspection of your car and give you a feedback on the actual condition of your car. This includes windows, internal dash board, seat condition, engine condition, etc. Remember this report is important as the car must be delivered exactly in the same condition. In case of any damage in transit, the insurance company will refer to this report. This report also records mileage, gas capacity and volume of content as well as dates of pick up and delivery.

Then the car needs to be cleaned up thoroughly. Never leave behind any loose item inside the vehicle as these may damage the interiors including glass, while the car is in transit. All tools etc must be removed and kept away. After the vehicle is delivered to you on the due date, check it thoroughly before signing on any paper. Refer to the inspection sheet and check whether every item is intact or not.

The cost of auto shipping will depend on the following: distance to be traveled; pick up and delivery points; type of vehicle being shipped (size matters) and the type of carrier you are choosing open or enclosed carriage for transporting your vehicle.  
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